About Us

We are a team that gets things done together; it’s not the only US. Still, together with the help of our partner, communities, associations and beautiful minds who are approaching us, we do our best to lift and rise above standards and norms for breakthroughs and new starts.

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UstartUp Team

Dr. Hossein Tavassoli

Communication and Media Relations Office

Ramin Zahiri

Innovative Leader


Future phase product definition

Technology evaluation and selection

Security Architecture

Product road map development

Technology Strategy development

Technology Stack

Automation CI/CD (continuous integration and Continuous Deployment)

MVP product definition

Technology road map

Process/Procedure Development

Software Engineering including Security DevSecOps

Business model creation

Development or executive summary, elevator pitch and other initial documents

Financial forecasting

Business plan creation, review and/or enhancement

Interim executive management

Pitch presentation development

Go-to-market strategies for new products and/or new market sectors